stills aus "Frau Hitt fliegt",

Frau Hitt fliegt | animation movie

by martina tscherni | mp 4 | 43sec


stills aus "kryokonite" - animierte rollenzeichnung; dauer 10 min; sound max arnold

Cryoconit | animation movie

by martina tscherni | mp 4 | 10min | sound max arnold



Cryoconite is powdery windblown dust made of a combination of small rock particles, soot and microbes which is deposited and builds up on snow, glaciers, or ice caps. The darkening, especially from small amounts of soot, absorbs solar radiation melting the snow or ice beneath the deposit, and sometimes creating a cryoconite hole. Cryoconite may contain dust from far away continental deserts or farmland, particles from volcanic eruptions or power plant emissions, and soot.


For the animaton movie I use serveral layers of style - the far eastern tradition of role models, the graphic depiction of organic and herbal microorganisms common in natural sciences of the 19th century, and scientific microscopic pictures of algae, ciliates and water bears. In slow motion subtle sketches of textures of algae and other shapes are scrolling across the screen backed by scientific microscopic pictures. While I took a lot of time for my acurate sketches, the recipient soon perceives eagerness. Subtle transformations are illustrated by slow movement; a chronological sequence is  reproducing itself, like a sequence being indicated by deglaciation only representing a different dimension of time.




stills aus "meta morph" - animierte rollenzeichnung; dauer 15min

meta morph - animierte rollenzeichnung; dauer 15min; ohne ton

meta morph | animation movie

by martina tscherni | mp 4 | 16 min



 The movie metamorph reports about a biomorphic world of forms, which continuosly is slightly changing. In slow motion acute sketches of forms like calcareous sponges or moss animals are scrolling across the screen. Yet now and then, - in the beginning all of a sudden, but later on waiting for it – one of these animalcules brakes ranks, hops, sparkles, vibrates, floates, drops into the void or is abruptly duplicating itself. By the slow motion oft he pictures a nonverbal communication arises between myself and the recipients intensified by minimal irritations.